Casabindo: Bullfighting for the Ribbon in Argentina

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Casabindo is a typical town of the Puna region, whose origins dated back to 1602. It was an old indigenous settlement before that time, and there are important archeological sites scattered near the town. Casabindo is located in Jujuy in northern Argentina, 120km of Abra Pampa the most important town in the area.

Every August 15th, the entire town celebrates the Day of Ascension of the Virgin, the patron’s saint of the village. The ceremonies start the previous day with a procession and with the say of a Mass in honor to the Virgin. The next day the services continue until the afternoon, when begin the Bullfighting for the ribbon (Toreo de la Vincha)

The Bullfighters are common people of Casabindo who protected with a red piece of cloth in their hands show their bravery trying to snatch a ribbon decorated with silver coins of the bull’s horns. Later the ribbon will be presented to the Virgin as an offering.

This celebration, unique in Argentina, is an excellent example of the mix of religion ceremonies (Christian and Quechuas) that form the life of the people of the Puna area in Argentina. Trips can be done during all the year, but the best months to visit Casabindo during your trip to Argentina are from mid May to early October.

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