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The first section of the Parana Delta lies to the north of the city of Buenos Aires in the Tigre district. Bonanza -Delta Adventura- is a tourist venture that offers full day trips in its 60ha settlement among the unspoilt delta environment. The idea of the tour is to discover the exuberant Delta surroundings maintaining a full contact with nature but without giving up entirely the comfort.

How to get there?
To the Boat Terminal:
By railway: from Retiro, you can get to the Tigre Station with the TBA Mitre railway (Tigre branch line)
By bus: bus number 60 from ConstituciĆ³n to Tigre.
By car: you should take Panamericana highway up to Marquez Avenue intersection, there take the Tigre branch line of the Panamericana highway, after that, follow boulevard Naciones Unidas as far as Boat Terminal.
To Bonanza:
The Boat Terminal lies on 305 Mitre Street. From there depart the boats to Bonanza: Passenger Boats Jilguero runs several boats daily. Passenser Boats ticket office n2, departing from boarding ramp n2. The trip lasts about one hour
The Trip
Depending of your arrival time and fitness, the trip can consist of hiking one of the several trails, from easy to difficult, that cross over the island. An asado lunch (grilled meat and salads) and after that canoeing in the easy waters of the Carapachay stream or horse riding.
I arrived to Bonanza just in time for lunch. The barbecue was served in the park of the house and was tasty with generous portions. After the meal, with two friends, we went to canoeing in the river. That was my first time in a canoe and the guide gave me the steering part. After a couple of twirls I got used to steer and began to enjoy the rowing. The stream had no rough water sections; the weather was sunny, perfect for enjoying that experience. The following activity was horse riding. The horses were tamed and the trails were surrounded by abundant vegetation. All in all, I fully enjoyed the day.
For me, the trip to Bonanza could be an excellent opportunity for the tourist to combine hiking, horse riding and canoeing in a single day. With the bonus of being able to do this in a place located at only two hours from the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Trips to this unique natural environment can be done during all year but autumn and spring are the most comfortable seasons. The Cost for a full day trip to Bonanza is around US$ 70.
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