Punta Walichu -Calafate- Trip to Prehistoric Rock Art

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Punta Walichu lies in the coast of Lago Argentino, at only 7km north of the city of Calafate in southern Patagonia. This marvelous spot with prehistoric rock art is a commendable trip to include in every visit to Calafate.
Where the typical Patagonian landscape meets the windy shores of Lago Argentino lies Estancia 25 de Mayo, an extensive sheep farm in where stand the Cuevas del Walichu: a series of caves with prehistoric paintings made by the pre-tehuelches inhabitants of Patagonia. Once there, you can wait the next guided tour to the caves in a restaurant at the beginning of the trip. The place has ample windows in front of the coast from which the view is simply amazing. After a little while starts the trip. The first caves in the interpretative path are reproductions from other paintings in the zone that have difficult access or lie in private fields. After them, starts the Archeological sector. The paintings here were researched by the Museo de Ciencias Naturales de la Plata and dated back to 4000 years. The seven caves in this area are almost at ground level. There are depictions of human beings, hands in negative (stencilled) and geometric shapes in red, black, white and yellow. The guided trip last for about an hour.
For anyone interested in prehistoric rock art, visiting Punta Walichu, at only 7km from Calafate, could be a satisfying memory of his travel to Argentina. Trips can be done from early October to late April with the cost of only a couple of bucks.
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