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Upsala Glacier with 902 sq km is the greatest glacier in Los Glaciares National Park. But also it is one of the most affected by the climate change in Patagonia. The glacier has retreated more than 40 sq km in the last 50 years, creating in its withdrawal a new group of islands in Lago Argentino (Islas de la Americas) and the Laguna Guillermo. The sailing excursion to this white giant of the Andes is one of the most rewarding trips to do in Calafate.

Puerto Bandera 50km northwest of Calafate is the starting point of the tour. From here departs the catamaran that sails for about 70km into the icy waters of the northern branch of Lago Argentino. During the navigation the traveler can see several huge icebergs scattered all over the lake. Then, it follows a sightseeing of the terminus of the Upsala glacier, to finally land in Bahia Onelli, where the Catamaran stops for 3 hours. After a walk of 800m through a lenga forest the tourist arrives to Lago Onelli. The glaciers Onelli, Bolados, Agassiz, and Heim could be seen from the lake, making up an impressive sight. The return trip enters to the Glaciar Spegazzini canal to finally end at Punta Bandera.

This trip, also known as Todo Glaciares, is as well as the Minitrekking and the Perito Moreno walkways a classic of Calafate. A must see attraction that have to be included in every travel to Patagonia in Argentina. Trips to this spectacular place are best done in summer season: from late October to early April. A final word of caution, this itinerary could be change because of the conditions of the lake to a one a lot less appealing, so check before to book.
Cost: around US$ 80
Tour Operator: Fernandez Campbell
Time: full day
Photo courtesy of féemaisq

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